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How McBreen Can Help With Section 102/104 Sewer Adoptions

Written on 23 May, 2024

Are you looking for a team you can trust to help you reach compliance with Section 102/104? McBreen Enviro UK has many years of experience helping businesses understand their drainage system. We’ll help create a plan to meet compliance regulations as part of a Section 102/104 application for sewer adoption.

Ensuring you are fully compliant with Section 102/104 is essential if you’re completing building work. Non-compliance can be costly, and time-consuming, and can leave payments tied up in bonds until issues are resolved. We offer our CCTV drain and sewer surveys to help you assess your system and ensure you meet all current regulations to complete your application smoothly.

Guarantee compliance with necessary regulations

By choosing our Section 102/104 surveys and mapping services, you can get a full picture of the completed drainage system and ensure you are fully compliant with the relevant regulations without leaving any doubt. Benefit from peace of mind knowing your systems meet all necessary regulations and help reduce the chance of unforeseen issues during the application process. We specialise in providing complex solutions aligned with the regulatory requirements involved.

Create an application plan and get insights into the system

Once we have completed the survey and assessment, our experienced engineers can help you understand the system’s intricacies and finish your application. If we discover issues that prevent your business from being compliant, we can advise you on how to resolve them. We have many years of experience helping businesses achieve compliance and can help you to resolve complicated, technical issues.

Get advice from an experienced team

Drainage and sewer systems are complex which is why we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and our staff receive ongoing training to keep knowledge relevant. Our engineers can help advise you on any current drainage issues or potential issues that may arise in the future, how best to maintain the current system and how to proceed once the survey is complete. We’re here to make your application process as smooth as possible!

Utilise our post-survey resources

Once your survey is fully complete, our team will provide a full video of the survey for you to keep. If there are any issues that need resolving before the business is compliant, we will also provide a comprehensive report for you to refer back to. This can be provided to your insurance team to help get the best quote possible. You can also include this as part of your Section 102/104 application to help speed things up. We’ll give you the tools you need to be approved and compliant for adoption.

There are many guidelines and regulations that businesses must meet and understanding all the different elements of Section 102/104 applications can be confusing and costly. Trust McBreen Enviro UK with your sewer adoption complexities and get a bespoke solution for your business. We can work with a wide range of businesses and industries to help meet compliance.

If you have any questions or need advice, we are here to assist you.  Connect with one of our Business Development Managers today by calling 01905 959013 or emailing us at