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Investigating and Reporting

CCTV Drain Surveys

McBreen Enviro UK constantly invests in the latest CCTV technology, which makes us market leaders in the field of CCTV Drain Surveys. We use WincanVX software, presenting our customers with the highest quality of reports. All of our CCTV technicians are trained to OS19X and MSCC5 Standards so are skilled to assess the structural condition and integrity of a sewer without disruption to the drainage system or surroundings.

Our CCTV drain survey will assess the condition of your drains and identify any problems such as damaged joints, cracks, deformities, obstructions or issues with pipe gradient (sagging or backfalls). We have CCTV drain survey equipment to accommodate all ranges of drain surveys from domestic houses, along roadways, railways, housing developments, commercial properties, factories and IPPC licensed facilities to name a few.

Once the survey is complete and defects identified you will be provided with a detailed report with accompanying photos and/or video footage. Our specialist drain repair team can also review your report and provide a quotation free of charge detailing on the best method to repair your drainage network.

Benefits of CCTV Drain Surveys

  • CCTV drainage survey gives quick and accurate diagnosis of drainage issues.

  • Cost-effective – If you’re having a persistent fault with your drains a CCTV drain survey is what you need to identify the cause. Prolonged jobs or repeat visits will end up being extremely expensive.
  • Minimum disruption – the camera does all the work in locating and identifying the problem, without having to dig/excavate the area.
  • No Excavation required – as the survey is conducted by remote no excavation is required and pipe diameters from 50mm – 3,000mm can be accommodated.
  • Adoption of properties by Councils / Water Authorities – CCTV drainage surveys are required before councils/water authorities will take charge to ensure that the drainage network is an good state of repair.
  • Property auctioneers are recommending a CCTV drain survey is completed prior to buying a property so that you are reassured the drainage network is in a good state of repair. Or to ensure you are aware of any costs that may come up as a result of drainage problems such as blockages, roots from trees or collapses.

Features of CCTV Equipment:

  • Pan and Tilt head for full 360° view of the pipe
  • Explosive proof for ex-works, or for use in high risk areas such as gas or chemical lines
  • Reports are produced to WRC standard
  • We can survey up to 250 metres from one access point
  • Pan and Tilt push rod camera available for surveying 50mm to 3,000mm pipe
  • Pipe tracing facility available
  • We generate reports using the latest in CCTV reporting software, allowing you to have instant access to written descriptions as well as visual video content.

Drain CCTV Survey Process – Overview

A CCTV drain survey is a process of inspecting and assessing the condition of drainage systems using advanced closed-circuit television technology. Here is a brief overview of the typical process and imagery:

Mainline Camera Unit

  • Equipment Setup: Specialized CCTV mainline camera unit and equipment are used for the CCTV Drain surveys.
  • The cameras are attached to a flexible rod or crawler that can be inserted into the drains. The cameras are typically waterproof and designed to capture high-quality video footage
  • Insertion and Navigation: The CCTV camera is carefully inserted into the drain access point and navigated through the pipes.

CCTV Unit / Remote Controlled by Operative

  • The operator controls the movement and direction of the camera, allowing it to travel along the entire length of the drainage system.
  • The CCTV operative will control the camera at the workstation in the back of the CCTV Van.
  • Camera operator only permitted to occupy the workstation in the CCTV van at any time.

Inspection and Recording

  • As the camera moves through the pipes, it captures real-time video footage, which is displayed on a monitor for the operator to observe. The footage is recorded and can be reviewed later for further analysis
  • The recorded footage is thoroughly reviewed to assess the conditions of the drains. The technician looks for any signs of damage, blockages, creaks, leaks, deformities etc. Measurements are taken and specific details are documented about the drain system.

Reporting and Recommendations

  • Based on the findings of the CCTV drain survey, a comprehensive report is generated by our inhouse reporting team.
  • Timeframe – Typically within 5 days of completion
  • This report includes a detailed assessment of the drain condition, highlighting any identified problems and recommending appropriate actions for repairs or maintenance.
  • Each survey is analysed by one of our highly skilled processing team, to gather information to offer a true reflection of the asset, its structural integrity and serviceability score and to provide appropriate solutions to repair the asset where needed. We have the expertise whether no dig solutions or civils works are required to repair the drainage network.
  • The report will be provided via a secure link for download including video footage.

Challenges – for Awareness

  • Typically prior to a CCTV survey the drainage system is prepared ensuring it is clean and free from any obstructions or debris. This may involve jetting or clearing drains to provide a clear view during a survey.

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