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Mobile Storage Containers

Specialist Environmental Services

Need to store liquids or hazardous substances temporarily on-site? For anyone looking to temporarily handle significant volumes of waste onsite our fleet of mobile storage containers can be hired and delivered anywhere in the UK. They provide an efficient and effective solution for the temporary storage of oils, chemicals, acids, coolant, wastewater, and liquid waste.

With it’s large storage of up to 86,000 litres it is highly efficient and safe. The interior of the tank is lined with corrosion-resistant lining which helps reduce maintenance and extend its lifespan. Hiring one of our mobile storage containers can provide you with long-term savings while also having very little downtime.

Why Choose Our Mobile Storage Container?

Whether it’s an unforeseen environmental emergency or a complex industrial cleaning project, our KOKS temporary storage container is equipped to handle it all. Its temporary storage capacity empowers our team to streamline operations, enabling us to respond promptly to urgent situations and accommodate large-scale projects with ease.

Enhanced Flexibility for Diverse Projects

One of the standout features of the KOKS container is its versatility, which goes far beyond event waste management or temporary storage. The unit’s storage capacity allows us to deploy it in various environmental projects. This can result in significant time and cost savings in emergency callouts for failed pumping stations, or large industrial tank cleaning projects for example.

With the KOKS container in our arsenal, we are able to adapt more swiftly to the unique requirements of each project. Its ability to store waste on-site has enabled us to better operate efficiently even in challenging locations. Whether we are responding to an environmental emergency or tackling an extensive cleaning project, the KOKS trailer has become an invaluable asset, empowering our team to deliver top-tier services.


  • 3x the storage of an artic lorry (86,000 litres)
  • Fast & simple roll on, roll off delivery – no crane lifting, reduced additional machine activity, reduced downtime, and carbon footprint.
  • On site temporary storage of a large variety of hazardous & non-hazardous substances
  • Ideal for use in emergencies, cleaning, and maintenance projects.
  • Safe & efficient, mobile storage containers are easy to use, set up and clean.

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