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Pipe Rehabilitation

Robotic Cutting

Robotic Cutting

Obstructions in pipelines can cause unnecessary damage, expense and inconvenience. If not dealt with timely obstructions can cause blockages which in turn can result in damage and restrict the efficiency of your drainage network.

McBreen Enviro UK continue to invest in top of the range equipment, technology and have the experience to remove any blockages/obstructions in your drains utilising our state of the art Cosmic Robotic Cutter.

How Robotic Cutting Works

Our Cosmic C120-Robotic Cutter is remotely controlled via CCTV by our experienced technician. The robotic cutter is adapted to the required pipe diameter and travels to the location of the blockage/obstruction. The diamond head is activated and efficiently removes any intruding connections, root infiltration, rock, concrete or heavy scale without the need for costly excavation. By using this process customers will save time and money aswell as this method being more environmentally friendly than excavation.

Our state of the art IBG 60 cutter system allows us to repair lateral connections in relined pipes as well as cut through obstructions. We also commonly use this system for trimming back intruding connections in the main sewer.

Robotic Cutting
Cosmic-C120 Robotic Cutter

Cutting Attachment Sizes Available

  • Our C120 Cosmic Robotic Cutter can cut from 100mm to 600mm

  • 2 x IBG 60 systems cuts up to 450mm to 800mm

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