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Advanced Cleanse and Removal

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jet Cutting

Ultra High Precision (UHP) Water Jet Cutting employs a specially designed crawler to deliver a continuous, adjustable high-pressure, low-volume water stream. This crawler is equipped with a precisely controllable nozzle and a CCTV camera module. The system is designed for the controlled elimination of accumulated deposits and solid obstructions within pipes ranging from 150 to 1050mm (6 to 42 inches) in diameter, including their lateral connections.

Our high-pressure units are equipped with digital controls and sensors, allowing for constant pressure modifications and instant pump activation. This enables the system to swiftly adapt to varying materials and continuously changing conditions, all without the need to disengage from the robot controls.

Suitable for the removal of

  • Roots and Fat
  • Grease
  • Cement
  • Minerals
  • Concrete
  • Tree Roots

UHP Jetting – Demonstration

With you from survey to remediation

McBreen Enviro UK offer a complete solution – from CCTV drainage surveys to diagnose any issues and report our findings, to offering a complete solution through no-dig methods including UHP Water Jet Cutting.

The McBreen Enviro UK fleet includes specialised UHP Water Jet Cutting vehicles ready configured with everything needed to get started. Our staff are trained by the manufacturer directly (Sewer Robotics) providing complete peace of mind that the job at hand will be completed on time and in budget.

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