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Section 102/104 Sewer Adoptions

Sewer Adoption / Taking in Charge

When it comes to drains, understanding Section 102 and Section 104 Agreements is essential, especially for clients looking for drainage assets in the UK. These agreements help ensure compliance with regional water and sewage companies for any businesses interested in sewer adoption.

Section 102

Section 102 covers existing sewers and allows an individual or business to apply for a private sewer already in use. There are many things to consider when you’re looking to take on a private sewer including:
  • The method of construction or requirement of any repairs
  • Whether the sewer or works are adapted or will be required, for a general system of sewerage provided or proposed for the whole or any part of that location;
  • The location of the sewer e.g. not under a highway or an existing project
  • The number of buildings in proximity using the sewers

Section 104

Section 104 focuses on new private sewers to be used by the local sewerage company and maintained at their own expense. The sewer must be designed in compliance with the regulations and maintained for a period after finishing before full completion of the project. This results in a private drainage system for areas such as highways, roofs, driveways and more.

There are many steps in gaining either a Section 102 or Section 104 agreement and complex systems can require expertise to understand. Starting your plans early is the best way to get approved as soon as possible and we’re here to help at each step of your application and process.

How we can help

At McBreen Enviro UK, we specialise in providing comprehensive solutions aligned with these regulatory requirements. Our CCTV surveys and mapping services not only ensure compliance but also offer invaluable insights into drainage system conditions. Understand an existing sewer system and any potential issues by completing a survey before you apply. Our team are trained with the latest technology to help you get a thorough inspection to help save money and reduce the risk of unexpected issues.

Trust McBreen Enviro UK to navigate any sewer adoption complexities, delivering tailored solutions for you. We have 17 years of drainage experience and are able to advise on the state of any existing sewer or help plan a new system. Don’t risk non-compliance – contact us to arrange our Section 102 and 104 services.

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