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Efficient Drain Rehabilitation gets a busy restaurant trading again

Written on 20 June, 2024

At McBreen Enviro UK, we pride ourselves on delivering prompt, efficient and comprehensive drainage solutions that address root causes to prevent recurrent issues.  

Our recent drain rehabilitation project alongside a Facilities Management Company, showcases our capabilities in rapid response, thorough investigation, and effective rehabilitation to ensure long-term functionality. 

Project Overview 

Issue: Blocked foul manhole at a restaurant in Kent causing flooding and restaurant closure. 

Timeline and Actions: 

Thursday: Initial Response 

  • Emergency Call: Received a call reporting a severe blockage resulting in flooding, necessitating store closure. 
  • Rapid Response: Our team arrived on-site within three hours of the call to clear the immediate manhole blockage and allow operations to resume. 
  • Preliminary Action: Cleared the blockage and recommended a high-volume jet vac and camera survey to remove grease and floodwater from under the floor and identify the root cause. 

Friday: Investigation and Cleansing 

  • Jetvac and CCTV Drain Survey: Returned to the site with a Jet vac unit and CCTV camera to cleanse the lines and conduct a detailed survey. 
  • Root Cause Identification: The survey revealed that the original blocked manhole caused a pressure issue backing up the pipework which resulted in seal between two pipes breaking off, causing the foul waste to back up under the elevated floor of the restaurant.  
  • Solution Proposal: Quoted for a robotic cutter and drain rehabilitation crew to remove over 50% encrusted grease deposits before installing 2 x 3 metre long, 100mm diameter patches through the length of pipework that had broken and caused the flooding. 

Monday: Rehabilitation and Repair 

  • Access and Installation Challenges: Despite access to being limited with a gully at the upstream and a grease trap on the downstream,  our dedicated team ensured the rehabilitation work was completed as required.   
  • Successful Rehabilitation: The drain was effectively repaired, using a robotic cutter to remove and grease deposits, a pushrod CCTV unit and a 3-metre x 100mm diameter inflatable packer and the system was restored to full functionality for the Customer ensuring no further issues / or shut down time. 


Prompt Response: Our team’s quick arrival and action minimized downtime for the restaurant, allowing the store to resume operations promptly. 

Comprehensive Solution: Instead of just addressing the symptoms, we identified and resolved the root cause to prevent future issues. 

Client Satisfaction: The successful rehabilitation will ensure long-term reliability of the drainage system. This delivered the desired result for both the Facilities Management company and the Restaurant. 


This case study exemplifies McBreen Enviro UK’s commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and thorough drainage solutions. By addressing the root cause rather than merely treating symptoms. We ensure sustainable outcomes that prevent recurrent problems. Our rapid response, combined with advanced technology and skilled personnel, underscores our dedication to delivering excellence in every project. 

If you have a blockage that needs inspecting then we are here to assist you.  Connect with our team today by calling 01905 959013 or you can email us at

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